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“My first root canal! Dr. Bose and his assistant performed flawlessly and worked together with intricate and accurate moves as if they have been working together for decades. Great accuracy for numbing. Intricate work. No pain before, during, or after. Truly amazing. Great job!!”

Brett B.

“Excellent place to come! The entire staff is very welcoming, very knowledgeable and very accommodating. Everyone there made it an enjoyable experience! Thank you so much!”

Dequone J.

“I am a full-on spaz when it comes to all things dental, and thought getting a root canal would be the worst thing ever. But to my pleasant surprise, Dr. Chybowski and Laurie we SO sweet, kind, patient, professional and gentle, it was almost (almost) a pleasant experience. A day later, I am in 0 pain or discomfort. I am so so so thankful.”

Dana K.

“I was nervous about having a root canal but Dr. Fergus explained every part of the procedure. She was professional with lots of kindness added in. Both her assistants, Sheryl and Nhia were so very helpful and kind. I truly had a positive experience.”

Kris A.

“First root canal was done. Was a bit nervous going in but Dr. Bose and Nicole were tremendous. They numbed me up good, didn’t feel any pain or discomfort and let me know what was happening throughout the procedure. I highly recommend this team. Just excellent, honestly.”

Andy S.

“I don’t know why root canals get such a bad reputation! Dr. Goddard was great! Very minimal discomfort. 10/10 would root canal again….”

Michael Q.

“All I can say is that I trust Dr. Bose and Nicole. I’ve had 3 root canals completed in the past 3 months and these two really have the process for making you feel comfortable dialed in. If you are having severe tooth pain, I highly recommend calling Dr. Bose to get your life back on track. Thank you to everyone at WEG!”

Cheryl F.

“Extremely pleased with the service and care during my root canal. Not a huge fan of this procedure by Dr. Bose and his team made this procedure painless and comfortable. I highly recommend this office for any dental service you need!”

Dwayne H.

“I just finished my root canal with Dr. Goddard and his dental assistant. Both were constantly checking in with me to make sure I was comfortable. I appreciated that Dr. Goddard would let me know what he was doing and when I was close to done. The assistant was very pleasant and kind.”

Charla D.

“I just had my 4th root canal done by Dr. Anne Fergus. I’m a high anxiety patient even for teeth cleanings, so the anxiety level for this procedure is elevated. While there is nothing Dr. Fergus or her assistant, Sheryl can do to make me more comfortable and at ease, they certainly offered. I didn’t want to know what they were going to do, I just wanted it done so I could move on. I highly recommend Dr. Fergus, or obviously, I wouldn’t have gone back 4 times! I’ve heard horror stories about root canals and I’ve never had one. I’m done in one appointment, with no after effects. Thank you both for understanding the anxiety aspect. I hope to never need another one- but if I do, I’ll be back!”

Linda N.

“Dr. Chybowski and Lisa were fantastic. Lisa answered the questions I had and explained everything before we got started. Dr. Chybowski lets you know what’s going on during the procedure so there are no surprises. Dr. Chybowksi knowledgeable, friendly, caring and gentle, she makes sure you are comfortable without the procedure. They also have background music you can listen to or you can bring your own mp3 player to help pass the time. If I need any furture work done, I will be asking for Dr. Chybowski! Thank you for a painless visit.”

Tony K.

“I was so apprehensive about my root canal but Dr. Fergus and her assistant did a great job explaining the procedure and relieving the tension with a combination of professionalism and humor. There was absolutely no pain at all which I was not expecting. This procedure was a non-event. I highly recommend Dr. Fergus.”


“I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Bose, his assistants, and the office staff. I had an unusually challenging tooth that Dr. Bose addressed meticulously and competently. I was impressed by his concern for my well-being and his follow-up after I went home. I highly recommend him!”

Mary W.

“I was visiting the city and had an abscessed molar which required a root canal from an endodontist. I was able to see Dr. Chybowski. She, and the entire staff, were OUTSTANDING- kind, thoughtful, cheerful, gentle, thorough with information, and most importantly, very competent. Very grateful for their help!”

Ronnie M.

“Saw Dr. Goddard for root canal – He has a great team – explained everything and made a nervous patient very comfortable.”

Sandra H.

“I came in to see Dr. Fergus for a root canal and I was so nervous about it, but Dr. Fergus put me at ease. She was terrific. Not as much pain as I thought. If I ever need this procedure again, I will be coming back to her. Thanks to Dr. Fergus and her assistant for a job well done.”

Patricia W.

“I could not be happier with the care and treatment I had with Dr. Fergus and Janina! I never thought a root canal could be so easy. They took great care of me and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Thank you.”

Julie K.

“I suffer from panic attacks and was absolutely terrified to have a root canal. Dr. Fergus genuinely listened to my concerns and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Once completed, I have a restored faith in dental procedures.”

Tracy J.

“Shkeena, Laurie, Heather, and Dr. Goddard (and the entire team) constantly display true heart emanating care, professionalism and excellence. We are blessed to be new patients here and highly commend your office.”

Dennis and Judy

“Dr. Bose is awesome. He took his time explaining the root canal as we went. He was kind and caring making sure I wasn’t in pain. Lisa is so sweet, she was detailed explaining what to expect. Dr. Bose and Lisa are wonderful. Thank you.”

Chelsie B.

“Dr. Goddard and his staff were extremely helpful in explaining the procedure to me as well as being so kind with listening to all my concerns. In the past I have gone through many root canals, and Dr. Goddard handled administering the anesthetic so carefully with very little discomfort. I would recommend him and his staff highly!”

Joan F.

“First time patient of Dr. Chybowski and I was a little nervous and she assured me that she would take good care of me and she did. I didn’t feel anything. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. Thanks to your team also. Lisa and Laurie were great.”

Kelly S.

“Thank you Dr. Fergus for an uneventful root canal experience. She and her assistant were so great that I found myself ready to fall asleep. They did an excellent job of explaining everything and making me comfortable. It was a non-event, which is what all dental appointments should be like. Thank you again!!”

Karen M.

“Had to have a root canal re-treatment. Staff was very friendly and transparent about pricing up front. The experience was terrific – from scheduling to performing the treatment.”

Ian L.

“I’ve been to a lot of dentists in my 60 years and this by far is the best experience ever!! I have never had a single dentist or assistant explain to me in detail and show me what they were going to put in my mouth and why! Their attention to detail, their kindness, gentleness and professionalism has far exceeded any other dental experience ever! They also said I might have some pain after the anesthesia wore off but there was none!! And I’ve had other root canals which I did have some pain afterwards usually because they tore up my gums with their instruments! I’m beyond pleased with this experience and will recommend them to anyone who needs a root canal. Best experience ever!”

Coni B.

“Wow! I have never been more scared and I have never been more relieved! That was a GREAT experience! Dr. Chybowski and her team made me so comfortable and cared for that I thought I was with my family. She walked me through the process and was so steady and kind. I really can’t say enough. Thank you seems so trivial.”

Kelly G.

“Dr. Goddard performed an outstanding job for my root canal. I absolutely felt no pain the following day and I did not require any pain relief. I had absolutely no discomfort for the following week after the procedure. The staff was very nice to me and Dr. Goddard explained the procedure step by step during the process, eliminating an apprehension. Again, a job well done!”

Steve P.

“Since my first visit I have been pleased with my care and treatment from Dr. Bose and the entire staff. They are very professional, caring and kind. I will recommend always.”

Malcolm C.

“Great experience. I was extremely nervous going into my procedure and Dr. Bose and team were comforting and professional the entire time. They made sure I was informed and comfortable by explaining thoroughly and answering questions. Overall great experience and would highly recommend them!”

Collin P.

“I saw Dr. Goddard for a root canal. Dr. Goddard and his staff were amazing. They were reassuring, very friendly and most of all very skilled. I had absolutely no pain! I would definitely choose them again. Thank you and your team, Dr. Goddard!”

Valerie K.

“Dr. Fergus and her staff were very professional and thorough throughout the procedure. I was relaxed and comfortable and felt quite informed on what was transpiring with my procedure. Thank you Dr. Fergus for an uneventful root canal experience. She and her assistant were so great that I was confident that I made the right choice to come here. I would recommend them to anyone if they need to have a root canal done.”

Dale B.

“Thank you Dr. Chybowski and the entire office staff. From the time you walk through the door you are greeted by warm, caring and professional staff. Dr. Chybowski and her assistant, Laurie, were caring, gentle, and made sure you were comfortable at all times. Dr. Chybowski explained everything before and during the procedure. The procedure was painless and well done. I highly recommend Dr. Chybowski.”

Sandra W.

“I was a bit nervous having a treatment to deal with the infection under my root canal. Dr. Fergus and Catherine were very reassuring. They THOROUGHLY explained everything that was going to happen. the demonstrated concern about my wellbeing throughout the procedure.Everything went very well. I really appreciate their professionalism and concern. Thank you very much!”

Michael Q.

“I was nervous for my root canal but Dr. Fergus and her assistant Sheryl made the experience so easy, enjoyable and painless. I was so relaxed during the procedure that I almost fell asleep! I would highly recommend Dr. Fergus to do your root canal. Her and Sheryl were a couple of crack ups… loved them.”

Ginny M.

“I was so nervous about getting a root canal done. Dr. Fergus listened to my fears, explained the procedure before she started and also explained as she was doing the root canal. She was very gentle and I did not experience any pain or discomfort. I appreciated her patience and understanding.”


“Thanks to Dr. Fergus for a very skilled and sophisticated root canal job. I highly recommend them.”

Ken J.

“If you need a root canal done, have no fear! Dr. Goddard and Heather were professional, courteous, and efficient. Never thought I’d say it, but my root canal was a piece of cake.”

Jeff B.

“Dr. Goddard and Heather did a wonderful job with my recent root canal. I was nervous about how the procedure would go, but it was no problem at all… I was very comfortable throughout the procedure and they were great about answering my questions. Everyone else at the office was also pleasant to work with.”

Nancy T.

“Great service! Very pleased with Dr. Bose and his staff.”


“Dr. Fergus and the staff here are simply fantastic! Great treatment from start to finish. From the desk to the chair, they treat you so well.”

Ante U.

“Thank you Dr. Goddard for taking the time to explain everything. It helped calm my nerves.”

Shonte K.

“Dr. Elizabeth Chybowski and her assistant, Lisa, were extremely nice to me. I got to listen to my Christian music, lay back in the chair, and knew I was in very good hands as she explained step by step what she was doing. I would highly recommend her!!”

Janet L.

“Root canals aren’t fun, but at least here they are painless. Dr. Chybowski is wonderful and does a fantastic job. She is warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and best of all, gentle! All staff, both in phone and in person, was helpful and accommodating. The office is lovely as well. Will be back for any future needs.”

Erin S.

“The excellent service and kind personal touches made my visit painless and comfortable. Loved the blanket, quiet music, water bottle, and gentle care!”

Ginger R.

“Thanks to the entire staff for your caring and expertise! Even though I am a hygienist, I am a nervous patient, and this experience was very positive due to all of you!”

Gloria J.

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“Dr. Fergus and her assistant, Nhia, made what is probably one of the most dreaded dental procedures a breeze. The root canal was painless and I had no discomfort the next day. I hope I never need another one, but if I do, I know exactly where to go.”

Lynn O.

“I had never had a root canal and had no idea what to expect. I felt in safe hands with Dr. Bose and his staff. During the initial consultation he took the time I needed to answer my questions and concerns. The procedure itself was straightforward and easy. I would recommend this team any time!”

Andrea H.

“Dr. Chybowski and her team were amazing! They do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable. I was even given a blanket because I was cold! They walked me through the whole process and made sure to put my mind at ease. Great experience all around!”

Jennifer W.

“Had several issues this year and Dr. Goddard and team were fantastic. I felt comfortable and at ease knowing I was getting the best care/treatment available. Technology is top notch. Best of all I can eat without pain. Thank you!”


“Had no problems with getting a root canal here. The staff and Dr. Goddard were very caring and helpful especially when you are nervous coming in for a procedure. Afterwards no pain, little sore but had no problems.”

Jacquelyn R.

“Dr. Bose and the entire team were phenomenal. Their warm patient care, gentle attention to your comfort, impressive expertise, and professionalism were clear. My experience was not only comfortable, it was pleasant – and for a dental procedure, that says a lot. Confidently and highly recommend this team!”

Erin D.

“I am extremely anxiety filled when it comes to dentists much less having a root canal done. However Dr. Bose listened to me and showed me true compassion, and knowledge, in addressing my medical and anxiety concerns as I have had adverse reactions in former years. Dr. Bose is an excellent and professional Doctor whom I would recommend without a problem which says a lot coming from a dentist phobic person! Thank you Dr. Bose and team”

Karen M.

“I had a great experience with having my first root canal done! No pain throughout the whole process. I was asked what kind of music that I like and they played it for the whole procedure. I felt very relaxed the whole time. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back again! Thank you Dr. Elizabeth Chybowksi, Lisa & Laurie!”

Neill N.

“Dr. Goddard and his team were all genuine with their care. They took their time explaining the steps of my dental procedure and truly listened to my questions and concerns. During the actual procedure, and then the days that followed, their experience, professionalism, genuine care and compassion toward me were impressive beyond words. I highly recommend Wisconsin Endodontic Group.”

Kathleen H.

“Last week, I had a consult evaluation by Dr. Bose for a root canal. I was very pleased with the level of time Dr. Bose and his staff took to explain my procedure and options. Today, the root canal was done and it was the easiest and most comfortable dental procedure I have ever experienced!! THANK YOU ALL!”

Pat H.

“Dr. Bose and his assistant, Valmore, are fantastic. First time I have had a root canal and even though my dentist, Dr. Mykleby, said he was the best, I was still a bit nervous. But, I didn’t need to be. I had to have two appointments, and at each, Dr. Bose and Valmore were so nice and accommodating. Valmore asked what kind of music I like because they have Pandora. I said R&B or Soul and we couldn’t quite figure it out the first time. However, when I came in today, there was Motown on the radio for me. What kind of great customer service is that! And, Dr. Bose was very gentle and explained everything to me and I experienced no pain. No wonder he is one of Milwaukee’s best. And the front desk people were awesome, very nice, friendly, and efficient. Not that I ever want to have another root canal, but if I have to, I will definitely go to Dr. Bose. He is the best!”

Sharon E.

“Professional, competent, and compassionate from the front desk and all the way through!”

Kim S.

“Had to have a root canal & Dr. Bose & Lisa were excellent. The procedure went very well. Lisa was very sweet & answered all of my questions. Dr. Bose was very nice & very skilled. I received a follow-up call the next day. Kudos to the office staff as well.”


“I had an appointment today with Dr. Raison Bose and I’ve got to say, from the minute I walked in, I felt I was in the best place to have my teeth worked on – really! From the office staff to the doctor and his assistant, they were all professional at what they do. Kind and very polite. It felt great! It put me at ease. The root canal turned out superb! Thank you to everyone at Wisconsin Endodontic Group. You are the leading example of your profession and I would highly recommend you!”

Jose H.

“Dr. Bose and his team are very professional and comforting. I came in with anxiety and uncertainty on what was going to happen. They explained everything clearly and guided me through every step. I had a great experience and would recommend him to anyone. Root canals are no fun, but working with him is. Thank you.”

Zheng A.

“Dr. Goddard and his assistant performed my root canal this morning. They were very caring and professional. It was totally pain free. I am very pleased with the whole experience.”

Tom S.

“Dr. Goddard and Heather are AMAZING! I have a true fear of all things dentistry, and they put me at ease and didn’t make me feel bad about it. Thank you!”

April K.

“Lisa supporting Dr. Chybowski created an outstanding sense of caring and connectedness for me.”

Margie P.

“Excellent pain control. Great communication. Realistic Doctor. 10 out of 10.”

Karol R.

“Dr. Goddard was very congenial and pleasant – made my experience very relaxing. I will recommend him to anyone who needs his expertise.”


“Worked very efficiently and made sure I was comfortable. Explained the procedure and helped me feel relaxed. Thank you Dr. Bose and Daelyn.”

Donna L.

“First time in this office, everyone was very nice and welcoming! Was here for a root canal, Dr. Goddard took a very not so fun experience and made it a not so bad after all experience. My thanks to everyone in the office!”

Kate B.

“Dr. Bose and his team were incredible! Explained the procedures and answered questions we had in great detail. They really made the experience be a great one for sure. Would recommend to anyone looking for an endodontic procedure. Thank you so much to everyone there!!”

Adrian M.

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